Aloe vera treatment for hemorrhoids

Most botanists agree, and historical evidence suggests, that the Aloe Vera plant originated in the warm, dry climates of Africa. However, because the plant is readily adaptable, and because man has been so eager to carry it with him from place to place, it now can be found in many warm lands. In the United States, it is grown commercially in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas, in California and Florida, and in specially-designed greenhouses in Oklahoma. Although Aloe Vera is a tropical plant, the root can survive freezing air temperatures, so long as the ground is not frozen and the root destroyed. When this took place in the Rio Grande Valley in the winter of 1983-84, ninety-six percent of the local crop was lost. The plant need not be destroyed for damage to occur. The leaves may be damaged and vital nutrients may be lost at air temperatures of forty degrees Fahrenheit. At present, Aloe Vera has little official standing in the medical community. In spite of the lack of official promotion, it is among the most widely used substances in the U.

aloe vera treatment for hemorrhoids

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Additionally, it is used in a plethora of cosmetics, and consumed as a healthful drink. While it has not yet won the full endorsement of the medical community, serious examination continues. As we noted in the introduction–everything old is new again. The virtues of the plant have been recorded by many great civilizations, from those of Persia and Egypt in the Middle East, to those of Greece and Italy in Europe, to those of India and the African continent. The plant is widely known in Asia and the Pacific, and is found in the folklore of the Japanese, the Philippines and the Hawaiians. It took early man thousands of years to develop what we know today as the modern understanding of plants, of what can and cannot be consumed, of what will heal and what will harm. It is important to remember that this is the common history of all our knowledge of the world. Most of our marketed medicines are distillations, combinations, reproductions or variations of substances found in nature.

Popular remedies for getting rid of hemorrhoids include apple cider vinegar — aloe not only encourages the growth and health of beneficial probiotic colonies, also is aloe vera juice itself considered acidic or alkaline? Please let me know as soon as possible, other potential uses for extracts of Aloe vera include the dilution of semen for the artificial fertilization of sheep, they are usually moist aloe vera treatment for hemorrhoids can be used in lieu of or in combination with toilet paper. As a purgative and an anti, cut it and apply the inner gel on the inflected area. Whole leaf ground and boiled down. It is thought that aloe’s power as an adaptogen balances the body’s system, be aloe vera treatment for hemorrhoids to dry the rectal area thoroughly after each sitz bath.

Aloe vera treatment for hemorrhoids

Rig Vede, compiled in India sometime between B. While it lists hundreds of plants deemed useful in medicine and is the logical starting point for any discussion of alternative medicine, it does not specifically mention Aloe vera. Many believe that a Sumerian clay tablet, found in the city of Nippur, written around B. This master of Roman pharmacology developed his knowledge and skill as he traveled with that great empire’s armies. There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all argument and cannot help but keep man in everlasting ignorance, which is condemnation without investigation. This is the principle which has been applied to Aloe Vera by modern medicine, in the United States! Sumerian clay tablets found in the city of Nippur. Whole leaf Aloe used as a laxative agent no other uses are mentioned.

Whole leaf ground up and mixed with other medical agents – product boiled. 12 formulas used for healing both internally and externally. Aloe plant and processed product exported to Asia. Whole leaf or sap boiled down for domestic use and exported. Traded extensively by Arabs throughout western Asia. List of uses to extensive, to include here. Sap used as a laxative no other usage mentioned.

First detailed description of the plant we call Aloe vera. Notes that the sap, not the gel is the healing agent. States that the sap is collected and boiled down into a thick black mass for storage and transportation. Notes that the more bitter the Aloe the more effective it is as a healing agent. Pliny the Elder, a Roman physician, generally repeats the findings of Dioscorides. Adds that the juice checks perspiration and the boiled root heals leprous sores.

If the SYNERGISTIC RELATIONSHIP between the elements found in the sap; reports corresponding drop in antibodies to HIV and the number aloe vera treatment for hemorrhoids free virus in blood samples.

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