Banana peel cream for hemorrhoids

The Miraculous Banana and Its Peel. Just rub it around your shoe and then buff it with a white cloth. Teeth Whitener: Rub the inside of your banana peel on your teeth to whiten them. Apparently, the manganese, magnesium and potassium helps whiten the enamel of your teeth.

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Wart Cure: It only takes 1-2 weeks to remove a wart with a banana peel. Itch Soother: Banana peels can help relieve bug bites and poison ivy. It won’t remove the oils that cause the itching but it’ll soothe the bite or rash altogether. Monkey Party: Have a Curious George party and put 30 peels on your deck for the kids to slip around on! Silverware Polish: Blend banana peel with water and use on your silver to take the polish off with a soft cloth. Meat tenderizer: Add a banana peel to your next roast and it’ll add just enough moisture to ensure that roast doesn’t get too dry. Splinter Removal: Banana peels help ease splinters out of your skin.

Place banana peel on a splinter with athletic tape for a while and then try to ease the splinter out. Aphid Control: Aphids don’t like banana peels. Rose Food: Here are a few great recipes for feeding your roses with banana peels that are rich in calcium and magnesium, as well as many other trace minerals that your flowers love. Bruise Patrol: Banana peels on the inside, if rubbed on a bruise, will aid in making it disappear. Compost: Banana peels break down pretty quickly and add wonderful nutrients to your soil. Acne: Banana peels rubbed on your acne will help in the acne curing process.

Dry Skin Cure: If you have psoriasis, try rubbing the inside of a banana peel on your affected areas twice a day and you’ll see the dry scaly skin dissipate. Banana Boat Campfire Dessert: This recipe will please all who are sitting around the campfire. Hemorrhoid  Cure: Yup, you guessed it. As with acne, banana peels help cure hemorrhoids. Banana Peel Message: Leave a message for your child on their banana peel by pricking out letters with a toothpick, the skin will bruise and there will be a dark brown message for your sweetie by lunchtime. Tomato Plant Fertilizer: Wrap a banana peel around your tomato starts when you plant them in the garden and they’ll enjoy the nutrients from the peel as they grow throughout the summer. Banana Peel Steamed Pork and Rice: Try this recipe out for size. Do you have a banana peel use?

Using the peel itself gets a bit messy, but it is effective. If you don’t like the mess and smell, I also use a banana peel extract cream. In 2013, a 16 year old girl invented a bioplastic made from banana peels. Considering the pure volume of bananas produced per year, it could make a huge reduction on overall carbon emissions and waste production by switching to her methods instead of petroleum-based plastic. I wrote a bit on the potential of it, check it out if you’ve got a minute! I know when my kids were really little, they would’ve loved to pretend to be Curious George and do silly things like try to slip on a banana peel. Just me, putting that out there.

And, who knows, maybe my ideas are stupid. Banana peel for skin care is amazing! I have used banana peels to remove skin tags. I have no skin tags now. Healthy recipes, good food: sustainable eats for a healthy lifestyle! Ways to Use Banana Peels: Stamp Out Food Waste! Zde je 20 způsobů jak je využít – ČeskýVirál.

June 23, 2013 20 uses for Banana peels Bananas to be extinct? Dried Bananas “Candy” – Frugal, Healthy, Delicious! Throw in a couple of banana peels to make sure that the meat doesn’t dry out as it cooks. Say goodbye to streaks on your windshield. Banana peels are good for around the house too! Banana peels are good for around the house too! You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email.

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