Best cream for hemorrhoids in india

Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. I use silver, given my unique situation? Every person’s health situation is unique and no website can address your specific needs, so talk with your doctor about your personal situation. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, nor is this website or this product intended to cure, treat, diagnose or prevent any disease. Because it’s an open wound, an abscess can expose the blood flow to possible bacterial contamination. It is very important to kill the bacteria in the wound. An alkaline structured silver can be used as a mouth rinse for an abscess in the mouth. Hold one ounce of liquid in your mouth for at least six minutes, two to three times a day. It can then be swallowed, providing an internal rinse as well.

best cream for hemorrhoids in india

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You can also use liquid silver as a rinse for an abscess on the outside of your body. When you first clean the abscess, rinse it with silver liquid. If it requires a bandage, soak the gauze bandage in liquid structured silver and put a drop of gel on the surface before taping it into place. For a very small abscess, you can simply put a drop of the silver gel on a Band-Aid and place it over the abscess. For a large abscess, spray the gel or the liquid silver on the wound one to four times a day. Acid reflux is also referred to as heartburn.

It occurs when too much stomach acid pools in the stomach and then returns back into the throat or mouth. The associated pain is a result of the hydrochloric acid dissolving and digesting the normal tissues of the esophagus, mouth, and throat. To stop the problem, it is necessary to stop the flow of acid. One way is to take digestive enzymes and neutralize those acids.

Best cream for hemorrhoids in india

Another way is to take antacids, which help absorb those acids and pass them through your digestive tract. Structured silver can be taken daily to help the burns caused by the acid. Take one to two teaspoons, two to five times a day as needed. In addition, you can take acidophilus or digestive enzymes, which help transport stomach acids out of the body. As a last resort, a physician can prescribe acid blockers or drugs that will stop the production of acid in the stomach. Acne attacks people of all ages, from infants to adults. Bacteria getting inside of a hair follicle or a sweat gland called a sebaceous gland can cause acne. Once the bacteria gets under the skin it will duplicate itself, dissolving healthy tissue in the process and leaving scars behind.

To get rid of the acne, you must get rid of the bacteria. To kill the bacteria, take two teaspoons of silver twice a day. Silver gel should also be applied topically twice a day. You can expect to see reduction in the size and in the damage of the acne within 24 hours. Total improvement of the skin will take about four weeks—the amount of time necessary for new skin to grow from the bottom to the top layer. Age spots develop when the liver doesn’t produce enough enzymes to detoxify what is circulating through the bloodstream. Certain toxins can be deposited in the fats underneath your skin, creating an age spot—usually a permanent effect like a tattoo.

You can get the liver working properly again, and get the proper production of enzymes at the same time, by drinking liquid structured silver on a regular basis. Putting silver gel on the age spot can help reduce that which has been stored under the skin. For the best benefit, apply topically two to four times a day and take one teaspoon orally twice a day. There are many reasons why we may age prematurely—a liver that doesn’t function properly, tissues that degenerate too quickly, a sedentary lifestyle, lack of nutrients, and the toxins that are all around us. Yeast is one of the main components in premature aging. We have yeast between our toes and in our intestines. It’s found anywhere there is a warm, moist area and destroys one cell at a time. Likewise, bacteria can cause tissue damage. Silver prevents premature aging by killing bacteria, viruses, and yeast.

Drink one teaspoon of a liquid pH-balanced silver twice a day for wellness and prevention. If you are sick, drink two teaspoons twice a day. Silver gel can also be applied to specific areas topically one to three times a day. Additional benefits can come from using freeform amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids. Found on the skin, in the bloodstream, in the intestines, or in the hair, bacteria cause countless diseases. When serious diseases are examined in the lab they find that every serious chronic disease is associated with the presence of pleiomorphic bacteria or mold.

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