Hemorr ice for hemorrhoids relief and treatment

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One is the danger of a bullet in the head. Another–hemorrhoids–from bouncing up and down all day on bumpy city streets. The doctor fast-forwarded me to the surgeon. Quite severe,” the surgeon said after my examination. You’re going to need an operation. The operation was scheduled for five weeks later. During this period, and by sheer accident, I saw in a magazine, “Shrink Hemorrhoids Naturally”. It was an advertisement for Hemorr-ice. I knew nothing of the product, but little was there to lose.

The directions said, “In general, the treatment period for Hemorr-ice is two insertions per day, morning and evening, for one to two weeks. An insertion should last approximately two to five minutes. It is not painful and there are no adverse effects. I found the treatments to be effective. My hemorrhoids were gone in a week and a half. Unbelievably, a twelve-dollar item had just saved me from an operation. He had nothing good to say. Maybe not that good for external hemorrhoids. I had an attack of external hemorrhoids including one thrombus.

Not terribly painful but huge, walnut sized and difficult to reduce. They would pop out almost immediately just with walking around without straining or sitting. I came up with a crazy but seemingly effective alternative to keep the hemorrhoids from popping out, allowing them to heal. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. There was a problem loading comments right now. The device should have been combined with an attached external ‘tank’ so that it had more coolant mass. Your perineal area is extremely well perfused and thus heat exchange is extremely fast. In less than 10 minutes it reaches thermal equilibrium.

When I took it out of the box it looked so huge. I thought no way am I sticking it up my u know where but when I did it was a piece of cake. Sure feels cold for 10 minutes. Hurt in the night so I will insert for only 5 min next time. I have had a monster for over 2 years. I will let u know if this cures it. This is great to relieve that discomfort in the anus, and because is long enough gives relieve to the rectum also.

I used as often as I could, like 3 times a day and had great and fast results. If you are not used to insert things in you anus, at the beginning can be weird. From what I read heat and cold alternately help with the swelling, yeah I’m sure they do but it’s very painful to apply heat and cold to that area. Seemed ideal and I ordered it. The larger part of the product is about 2″ across. There is a liquid inside that freezes. Once you use the product, body heat warms it up fairly quickly so it must be re-chilled for about an hour before you can readminister. Fairly steep for what you actually get.

There is a seam, where the two pieces of plastic meet, around the outer edge of the largest part of the ice pack. Seems like shotty manufacturering but it’s rough, doesn’t take away from the performance of the product just makes it slightly difficult to clean very well. For temporary relief, it works fine. But, after about 20 minutes, you’re back where you started. Well, they get the job done. It does everything you’d expect out of a frozen butt plug for your piles. Before buying this ineffective item, I was using water frozen in a latex glove, snapping a latex finger with ice in it off and then “rewrapping” it in another latex glove and tying off the glove at the back. I’d properly lubricate it and with the double latex layer it didn’t affect my skin in a negative way. 13 for “shipping” which amount to less than a pound in a padded mailing envelope.

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