Hemorrhoid rubber band fell off first day

Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. 6:15am Howard’s Movie Review And Chess Playing. 6:35am Adam Sandler And Howard’s Weekend Discussions. 7:00am Howard Visits Ronnie And His New Dog. 7:20am Lisa G’s Howard 100 News Preview.

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Fireworks, Superman, Cheap Trick And Other Discussions. 6:30am Rush Limbaugh’s Viagra And Other Discussions. 6:40am Miss Howard Stern’s Sex With KC Story. 7:10am Richard’s Mike Walker Prank Call. 7:40am Lisa G’s Howard 100 News Preview. Opening Song Debate And Crazy Alice Message.

6:45am Howard’s 6 Months Of Banging Chicks. 7:25am Lisa G’s Howard 100 News Preview. Robin’s Wrap Up Show Comments Upset Howard. 6:20am Prank Calls, Artie’s Superman Review And More. 6:45am Star Jones And Barbara Walters Discussions. 6:55am Gay Porn And Siobhan The Transsexual. 7:05am No K-Rock Tapes Until Labor Day? Beth O On Spike TV Discussions. 6:00am Mike And Siobhan E-mail Feedback.

6:15am Howard’s Dinner With Jackie The Joke Man Martling. 6:30am Howard Looking For A New Man Purse. Show opening bits and songs included: David Allan Wade’s ”Shoot You In the ass with a BB Gun” song, Napoleon Dynamite movie clip, Gagging porn clips to a Rob Zombie song, ”I Want More Howard Stern” song. He said they’ll be here all week this week. Howard sent Richard out of the studio and said that they have Cheap Trick coming in this morning to play for them. He mentioned one guitar that had 5 necks on it and wondered if it’s 5 different tunings. Fred said that it’s probably more for show. Howard said he read that Cheap Trick once opened up for Stuttering John and he thought that was one of the saddest things he’s ever read. John was playing in a band back then and they actually opened for his band.

Howard brought up an article he read in Rolling Stone about Pearl Jam. He also mentioned the book Running with Scissors that he just finished reading. He said he just finished it and actually liked it. He also mentioned that he saw the movie ”The Devil Wears Prada” and thought that was actually good as well. Howard took a call from King of All Japs who brought up Aaron Spelling’s death and asked if Howard is going to comfort Tori Spelling. Howard said that he’s been working on his chess game lately. He had Beth’s brother, his wife and their kids over for the weekend. He said they had a lot of fun wit them even though it was a bit ”loud” in the apartment. He said that he was reading a chess section in the paper over the weekend and was trying to brush up on his game.

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