How long does hemorrhoid banding take

Assess your symptoms online with our free symptom checker. This discussion has been locked due to a period of inactivity. Why not start a new discussion? I wanted to write this post because before I had this surgery I could find very few positive experiences online. In fact, most people seemed to have absolute horror stories of horrific and long lasting pain. I was seriously considering cancelling my surgery because of what I was reading. I feel that I have a very high pain threshold having had 3 children with no pain relief, and another surgical procedure last year that I recovered from in minimal pain.

how long does hemorrhoid banding take

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I went in to have one external one removed that was affecting my relationship with my husband as it made me very self conscious during sex. I also had an internal one but I wasn’t having any real symptoms so I wasn’t too concerned about having that removed. But if I was having surgery anyway it was probably best to remove it before it became worse. I had banding about 6 weeks ago but it didn’t work. So I came round in recovery in absolutely no pain, which is what I expected really seeing as I was dosed up to the eyeballs on the pain relief from surgery still. The nurses kept asking if I had any pain which I found strange. I was given the meds about 2. 45pm, woke up about 4pm and left the hospital at 7pm. I got home and I still felt fine, to the extent that I was standing in the kitchen holding my 3 year old and drinking a cup of tea until my husband told me off and made me sit down.

How long does hemorrhoid banding take

I woke up a few times through the early hours and kept having a little check to see if the pain had started but still nothing. I got up at 8am and felt fine. I took another diclofenac as its anti imflammatory and that seemed like a good idea but I didn’t take any painkillers all day. I was taking my twice daily laxative as prescribed but didn’t manage a bowel movement all day. I did however manage to pass the sponge thing they placed up there during surgery. I felt a bit achey before bed so I took another diclofenac and two paracetamol and slept through again. So its mid morning Wednesday now and I managed two small BMs at about 7am and 8am today.

It was a little bit sore but only how it feels when you’ve had a bout of bad tummy and made yourself sore from over wiping. I would describe it as slightly stingy but not pain. I have not experienced anything I could honestly call pain. I am a bit achey today so I’ve taken the same meds as last night but I’ve only done that because I’m going back to college this afternoon. I realise that a lot of people have had genuine pain from this procedure and I really sympathise with them but I just wanted to reassure people that if you feel you have a high pain threshold then you stand a good chance of being ok after having this done. From the things I read before my surgery I felt I was doomed to be in terrible pain for a long while. Even my surgeon said its not uncommon to still be in pain at 2 months which is a horrific thought. I might post this on a few other sites so apologies if you read this more than once! Just want to thank you for your wonderful posting which I am sure will give lots of support to anyone deciding to have a surgery.

I believe I may have more of a prolapse problem but your posting has really cheered me up. I don’t know what you mean by prolapse problem specifically but my external one was basically an internal one that had prolapsed through and sort of died! It wasn’t bulgy veiny pile skin anymore, just 3 small lumps of skin. That was all I wanted removed really, just for cosmetic reasons but I couldn’t really ask my surgeon not to remove the internal ones. It’s day 5 now and I still haven’t had any pain. I had a pretty hideous 45 minutes on the toilet on day 3, trying to pass what seemed like the largest amount of BM I’ve ever had! Thought I’d never get off the toilet. I stopped taking the laxative for a couple of days because it was making me so gassy but I’m back on it now! I had mine done at 5.

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