How to cure hemorrhoids at home fast in hindi

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how to cure hemorrhoids at home fast in hindi

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How to cure hemorrhoids at home fast in hindi

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The human beings are blessed with five sensory organs and eyes are one among them. The eyes move several times a day to bring the objects in focus. Due to its sharp focus one is able to see the far distant objects and the minute ones like needles. Any error in the functioning of the eye results in vision defects or problems. This situation can be corrected by using concave lens. The near objects can be seen clearly. This can be corrected by convex lens. It occurs along with myopia or hypermetropia.

An astigmatic lens is used to correct the situation. In this condition the lens loses its elasticity and the ability to focus on close objects is also affected. It can be corrected by using convex lens while reading or doing any other close work. Cataract and eyestrain are the eye problems that affect the individuals. Store in a bottle and use it as an eye drop. This is very useful home remedy for eye care. Intake of sufficient amounts of vitamin A is necessary for healthy vision.

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