Is it ok to put vaseline on hemorrhoids

Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. Oh crap I thought as I turned my car around and headed back to the house, I left it on the printer. It was still up in my bedroom. Mom was lying on her bed drawn up in the fetal position, she was crying. I gather from what Mom has told us, Marty and me, that he was elated. He wanted kids, now he had two. Mom lost her lover, the love of her life. His passing left her rich, Daddy was a successful businessman and well insured but she was also left alone and bereft, lost and heartbroken. But she did, after five years of pain and mourning she made the decision to move on with her life. She had two children to raise, Marty and me, and she finally aspired to do some things for herself.

is it ok to put vaseline on hemorrhoids

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Along with various charitable and volunteer works Mom stayed busy. I was a senior in high school and had parking privileges at school. All the fears came to me, cancer? I guess I was in denial. Yes, I mentioned it to him.

Is it ok to put vaseline on hemorrhoids

You mentioned it to him, what does that mean? Marne, I told him I thought I might be pregnant. So, are you two going to get married? And, Marne, I had to know for sure, this morning I took one of those pregnancy tests, it gave a positive reading. Mom, have you called your doctor, made an appointment? Mom what can I do to help? Give me an enema, I feel like shit.

I gathered up the stuff, when I came back to the bedroom Mom had her panties off and her night gown was raised above her hips. She was lying on her left side with her right knee pulled up. I took it out of the box and screwed the nozzle on. Put on the glove, squeeze some of the KY on your finger tip and stick your finger in my butt, I want a little lubrication, then put the nozzle in me and squeeze the bottle. I followed her instructions, I put on the glove, added the jelly, lifted her right cheek and stuck my finger in, she gave a slight sigh when I did that. I pulled my finger out and stuck the nozzle in. I squeezed, the bottle emptied and I pulled it out. I wait a few minutes then I go to the bathroom.

So I just stood there for about five minutes, then she got up, went into the bathroom and closed the door. I sat on the bed waiting for her to finish. When she came out she had a most unhappy look on her face. She came over and lay back down on the bed. I stuck my head in to see what she was doing. She laid a towel on the bed and lay back down on her side. So I got a glove and I greased her up again. Marne, hon, see that clamp on the hose?

After you put the nozzle in me open that up so the water can flow. Putting a little of the gel on the nozzle, I lifted her cheek, stuck it in and started the water. She was writhing a little and holding her belly. Marne please rub my tummy, please. I started the flow of water again when she gave the ok. Marne, please, it helps, please do it for me. As the bag emptied, she gave a quiver and groaned. I think she had a little orgasm.

Honey, I need to lie here for a few minutes to let that stuff work, please keep rubbing me. I helped her rise, put an arm around her waist and assisted her to the bathroom. She raised her gown and sat on the commode. I left, closing the door behind me. Through the door I heard her groan then gas and splashing, she was voiding, I sat on the bed waiting. I brought my fingers to my face, smelled them and sucked on them. I tasted about the same, acidic, but hers was more powerful, stronger. It was ten or fifteen minutes before I heard the flush. I went in, she was still on the throne, she looked like the devil.

She was sweaty and her hair was stringy and matted. Help me back to bed, Honey, please. I took her outstretched hand, helped her rise and led her back to bed. I need to rinse the soap out. Fill the bag with clear warm water for me, will you? She was crawling up on her hands and knees. I pushed her gown up over her hips. Looking under her I could see her breasts hanging down, her nipples looked swollen. From behind I could see her anus and her labia, her lips were puffy.

I pushed in some gel and twisted in the nozzle. I left her on the toilet. When she came out she put her panties back on and climbed back into bed. Thanks Marne, I feel so much better. Mom, are you going to tell Marty? I found Marty in his room. I waited in his room, sitting on his bed. I wanted to see his reaction.

If the beeswax is difficult to get, is it ok to put vaseline on hemorrhoids you are out somewhere without flushable wipes then wet down some toilet paper.

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