Is proctozone good for hemorrhoids

The following information is NOT intended to endorse drugs or recommend therapy. While these reviews might be helpful, they are not a substitute for the expertise, skill, knowledge and judgement of healthcare practitioners in patient care. For Neuropathic Pain: “Save your money and time and use ice or a heating pad. 0 users found this comment helpful.

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For Anesthesia: “I find the Lidocaine patches useful. It won’t conform or stay on. This brand is a total rip off. The Actavis Lidocaine patches are great. Not “plastic”, but almost cloth like. I cannot stress enough the difference between the 2 products.

For Pain: “It won’t stick AND it doesn’t relieves pain as the original brand. 1 users found this comment helpful. For Pain: “The first time I tried this patch I cut it into pieces to match where my pain was and each piece curled up and did not stick so I applied tape to keep it on. Within a few hours it it all curled up and dried. Mylan should be embarrassed to say the least. You might as well be putting scotch tape on your body instead.

That’s how useless and uncomfortable the product is! Maybe Endo Pharmaceutical could give you some pointers! PATCH By MYLAN is the worst I have ever seen. I was using a brand by ACTAVIS that was great. These by Mylan do not stick at all, it’s like there isn’t even any medication in them either, HORRIBLE. I WOULD GIVE IT A NEGATIVE rating but I couldn’t. I got these by prescription at CVS. 4 users found this comment helpful.

Pain: “I have severe Bursitis in my Hip. My past prescriptions were Patches by Pfizer. THEY WILL NOT STAY ON MY SKIN. I CAN NOT RETURN THEM TO CVS. 3 users found this comment helpful. Pain: “I’m very upset about these aspercreme patches they don’t even stay on for one minute without peeling back off . Hemorrhoids: “This cream is the best for hemmies, as we call them in the doctor’s office I work in.

I’ve used it off and on for 20 years when I have a flare, when constipation and pushing leaves painful hemmies. It has been the same price for the 20 years. I both have used the Qualitest lidocaine patches for several years. Recently we both have experienced blistering skin reactions at the site of usage. So right now I am unable to use the patches until my skin heals. For Neuropathic Pain: “Mylan lidocaine patches are useless. They do not stick at all.

When you try to put them on they wrinkle up. They fall off within 1 hour. Postherpetic Neuralgia: “If I could give a lower rating than 1, I would. I have used Lidoderm by 2 other manufacturers in the past so can say with authority that the Mylan patch is horrible. What good is it if it doesn’t stay on? For Pain: “At first didn’t notice if was working. After about an hour I stopped thinking about it and went on about my day. Later I realized that it was working because my focus was no longer on the pain.

They are NOTHING like the flexible, cushiony generics I used to get. I told CVS they were no good and I was told this was the only kind they were going to carry. I then said I was going to change pharmacies and I was told “OK, No problem”. These patches are a HUGE problem. For Anesthesia: “This is a great item for Elders who skin can not handle the super sticky glue types. Hear do not stick as well and this is a good thing. Thin skin tears and burns easy.

Postherpetic Neuralgia: “My first question is why did Mylan discontinue making the cotton patches that actually stuck to your skin and start producing a less quality patch that would not stick to a dry surface of any kind? Secondly, who test these products and provides the thumbs up for quality control? 2 users found this comment helpful. For Local Anesthesia: “My experience with this medication was traumatizing. This was used as a local anesthia for a procedure I was awake. I had to receive multiple injections. After the first injection I knew something was wrong.

Purchased Aspercreme Lidocaine patches but they did not work at all. I felt no relief from the pain whatsoever. Pain: “Can’t tell if this works or not, won’t stay on long enough to get an idea. Every time I move it balls up. For Pain: “This patch does not stick properly they are way too expensive. These patches need to be improved or quit selling them.

When you try to put them on is proctozone good for hemorrhoids wrinkle up.

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