Which specialist to see for hemorrhoids

PLEASE NOTE: Most of the testimonials on these pages refer to Skin Recovery Cream. The reason for this is that the cream has been available since 2002. Superbalm did not appear until 4 years later. Recently, we have been receiving reports from fissure sufferers who simply sprayed the wheatgrass Skin Recovery Spray over the anus for relief. It really comes down to which product works best for you. They all contain wheatgrass extract as the only bioactive ingredient, so they all have the potential of being effective. After giving birth to my second child, I got a fissure and suffered for 6 weeks. The doctors were recommending surgery that could potentially leave me incontinent at the age of 27, and I refused to go that route without exhausting every other option. I started with a google search for natural treatment methods for fissures, and this was the first site that popped up.

which specialist to see for hemorrhoids

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And I kid you not – 1 week. I have been suffering with 2 anal fissures for 4 months now, very very painfull! I read about the wheat grass and decided it won’t hurt to try it. After several days of using the cream there has been No bleeding. It is a very cooling cream and feels relief when applied. I do want to share with you my testimony from my initial use of the cream. I had been suffering for months with excruciating anal fissures. The doctor had suggested an operation to cut the anal sphincter muscles so they wouldn’t be so tight.

I wasn’t about to let him do that, but was desperate for relief from the pain. It would wake me out of a sound sleep at night and make it difficult to get to sleep. I would sometimes resort to using Ambien to get to sleep despite the pain.

Which specialist to see for hemorrhoids

I came across super balm after wasting time and  money on many medicines products on Internet for a fissure I developed post partum. Now I will never go without it and refer to anyone I know who suffer similar issues. Your Superbalm is the most incredible healing I ever had. I have been prone to all types of skin problems my whole life. If there is a skin condition I had it, so many I could not list them all. After developing a fistule from a driving trip across the USA, I found your product on WEB MD. Not only did it heal the fistule, I used it on my body for several different skin ailments, growths, moles, warts, fungus from the beach, acne and several other problems. I could feel improvement within a few days and have now been pain free for about 6 months. This has improved my quality of life and I’m grateful.

I was having a real problem with Anal Fissures for about two months. Anusol Hydrocortisone Ointment and Suppositories and told me to use them for two weeks. Two weeks in and not only is the pain still there but it’s bleeding worse than it was previously. I was desperate so I ordered this Super Balm in the Mail. The anal fissure is completely gone. I don’t see any traces of it after using the Wheatgrass Gel for two weeks. Thanks for creating such a great product. I will keep you updated if anything else develops. Of course I was a sceptic when I came across your website during a desperate search for Anything at all to help me.

I was shooting a wedding 500km away from home and made the trip to Cairns, 80km from where I was shooting to get this balm. I had had severe and embarrassing Anal Fissure pain for 3 months and was in a very bad place mentally. Within a few days of using your cream, I was starting to feel less pain. I bought your cream for an anal fissure I’ve been dealing with for months and months during my pregnancy and it has worked wonders! Thank you so much for your help! Hello Doctor, I must tell you the fissure problem has completely vanished after I religiously used the wheatgrass cream. Thanks you so much for bringing this heavenly product to people like us.

I purchased the superbalm about a month ago in desperation as the pain was getting so bad from my anal fissure which I have had for about 16 months. I had been to the doctor who prescribed rectogestic and an operation scheduled for later in the year. This product is amazing as after a week my pain had gone. Its hard to believe that doctors don’t or wont tell patients about this. Try this product, you will not be disappointed! If I have not seen this miracle cream perform miracles with my own eyes I would have remained sceptical! But after a year of suffering two Sphincteractomys tag removal and a Botox injection just 2 weeks ago with no improvement but agonising and debilitating acute pain the surgeon said you’ve got a very deep and long fissure that’s Why it’s not healing. Following a hysterectomy I ended up with a fissure and suffered for 6 months with it. Doctors prescribed nitro cream and other creams and I tried everything over counter etc.

On a forum I saw your product mentioned a couple of times. I ordered it and literally in 1 week it started to heal me. I almost had surgery I was so desperate for pain relief. But with your cream I didn’t have to. I had a fissure and your wheatgrass spray healed it in about a week and half. Thanks for the great advice and product!

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