Free Movie Apps For Android Phone and Tablet – 2017

With so many movies releasing on a daily basis nowadays it can be hard to keep a track on how good the released movies are by seeing the name or even after watching the trailer. There can be ways which can determine how good a movie is by viewing its rating and people review about the movie. And seeing that we end up deciding to watch movies.And this is where things can get a little complicated. This Article tells about how to  Available Movie Apps For Android

Different people have different taste; it can be difficult to determine which movie would you like to and will it be as good as the review.So what can be the solution for this problem? Well, what would like to do in situations like this it that would go through the few apps that would all me to watch the movies online and simply see the reviews and decide which movie should I watch?

Best Movie Apps For Android Phone and Tablet:

Movie Apps For Android

Now you think that how am so sure that these apps would provide me with the best-rated movies that I would love to watch? Well, this is because I have used each and every app and I have found that this app really gave a good review about the app and also kept in mind that I can watch the movies directly from these apps too.

So let’s not wait anymore and take you through these amazing list of the best movie apps for Android.

Top 3 Best Movie Streaming Apps for Android Mobile:

1. Showbox

Showbox app is the most popular app to watch free movies and television programs right on your phone. Showbox app comprises of many items like the teaser of a new movie and you can also see the ratings too. So as I said before with this app you will be able to see all the details that you will need to know about a movie. You can even watch any movie you want online or on an offline basis.

As on the offline form, you will be able to watch movies offline by downloading the movie first and then watching the movie later on. So now you can go ahead and give the app a try as you will surely be fully satisfied with this app for sure.

2. Youtube

As perusing an online base, you will definitely want to go for YouTube is, of course, the top choice for any users. As you know that it is a  Google, YouTube is the most visited website for watching the free and online video on your device. Not only that, all the latest movie trailers and mini clips are also available on this site for you to watch your favorite movie.


Produced by Google, with YouTube you will be able to watch movies, Tv shows, and other videos which are distributed throughout in different channels. This will help you find the video according to the genre you’re looking for. You can switch from low quality to HD quality videos depending on your internet speed and many other features more.

3. Netflix

If you are familiar with the apps that I mentioned before then you will definitely know about this amazing app “Netflix”. This a popular movie app for movie stream.

 This server was founded nearly 19 years ago, its database is huge, you won’t miss your favorite movies here. If you are looking for a pure movie streaming app for your iPhone device, then don’t miss out this app. Here Netflix will serve you all to make your movie watching experience better.


So with these list of these amazing apps, you will be able to watch your desired movies online and you will also be able to get all the reviews you want to know about any movie you want. So go ahead and give these 3 amazing apps a try. I am sure that you won’t be disappointed. Enjoy.

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